Areas of Expertise


I am a psychotherapist, counsellor, NLP Practitioner and Advanced Hypnotherapist.  I have also been teaching the Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy for the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council for a long time so there's bound to be something I can do to help you.

I take my lead from you, whatever you need in whatever format you would prefer, I am here for you.

Neuro Linguistic Processing

Otherwise known as 'NLP' for short, Neuro Linguistic Programming has been termed 'the study of success'.  Simply put, I will find a strategy especially for you that suits you and that you can use to make the changes in your life that you may presently think you cannot.  There is always a way for you to be happier, calmer and feel more in control of your life.  Sometimes in life we just need a helping hand to guide us back on the right path.


In a nutshell, you come to see a hypnotherapist when you feel a little out of control.  That is, you either want to STOP doing something you would rather not do, or you wish to START doing something you don't seem to be able to start.

All behaviour has its roots in the unconscious mind and I am skilled in being able to access that for you and help you make those changes you wish to make.  You will then experiment with those changes for a couple of weeks and, if you find life to be better because of those changes, you will simply continue to do them to make life better for yourself.  You are in charge the entire time:  I am just here to help you do what you would like to do.

My Approach

Everything is easier when you can truly relax and give yourself time to process and think clearly.  Sadly, often in the modern world there is little time to do just that.  I will guide you into taking a moment to truly relax, to be guided within that relaxation (as often the moment we CAN relax we either sleep or begin to fret about all those things that we should be doing, or worse, things we cannot do anything about).

So the first thing I do is help your mind and your body remember how to truly relax.  It's the first thing we knew how to do when we arrived on the planet though now seems like a lost art.  When the stress increases to levels that mean we have trouble sleeping, then those are the warning signals that the body will begin to exhibit the signs of stress and even illness may manifest.

So once you are very relaxed, I can communicate with your deeper mind and find out ways in which you can be helped.  There is a part of your mind always standing by ready to help you and I can access that part and bring you the relief you are seeking and move on from that relief to the positive change you wish to experience in your  day to day life.  I've spent years perfecting my craft and written lots of books, had many interviews and you can find some of my videos on Youtube.  I'm here to listen, here to help.  Give me a call or send me a message today.  You are just one step away from a better today.