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Chakra Course

Marni Banks

I met Jennie just a few short weeks ago when I signed up for an intro to Chakras thru Blended Spirit Academy and Teresa Collins. Jennie is funny, intelligent, caring and really knows her stuff. She teaches us the science behind the Spiritual Practice. She breaks it down so it makes sense. We’ve learned about the root and sacral chakras so far. They are more than spinning wheels of light to me now. They are starting to become tangible things. They have meaning beyond their energy and it’s fascinating!! Teresa Collins has taught us the mystery behind the magic. She helps us get out of our own way and dig deep into our awakening Spiritual energy. And it’s amazing!! Teresa is kind and joyous and SO excited to teach us what she knows. I can’t wait till next class to find out what we’re going to learn next. Highly recommend this course, and Jennie Kitching & Teresa Collins.

Tracey Laville-Elgert

I am grateful to have met Jennie a few months back via Teresa Collins. I was able to have a hypnosis with Jennie. We traveled back through time and healed a few traumas that I had brought with me from past lives. Over the past few months I have been able to attend a few different classes that Teresa from Blended Spirit Academy and Jennie "hypnowoman" have offered. Each class has had its own scientific explanations, as well as a fun witty atmosphere. The latest Chakra Training I have been attending has been super informative, and balancing. I have learnt so much and am excited to for the next 5 sessions. I would recommend contacting either of these woman if you are in need of assistance in the way of life. Both Jennie and Teresa have lifted me to places I never thought were possible. With gratitude and love. Tracey E

Tiffany Moser-Harris

I met Jennie during the Intro to Chakras class I am taking with Teresa Collins at Blended Spirit Academy. She captivated me immediately! I felt drawn to Jennie as I felt with Teresa the first time i met her. Jennie is funny, beautiful, intuitive and is authentic in every sense of the word. The knowledge Jennie has and the vibrations she she puts out are unlike anything I have experienced in the past. I’m just starting this journey and I am excited to see where It will take me. I’m blessed to have these ladies show we the way. Tiffany H

Terri Pinson

I actually had downloaded one of Jennie Kitching's course books a couple of months ago. I then had the opportunity to watch a couple of the live videos for Time To Shine. I did not put the book and her together until we started the Chakra class. She is amazing with opening up our minds to each of the Chakras. The understanding that I get from each class has been more than beneficial to me.

Jennie Kitching has an infectious personality that brings light and positive energy. Thank you Jennie and Blended Spirit Academy for the knowledge you are giving me through this class. Terri Pinson

Shannon Dow

The Chakra Course that I have been fortunate enough to participate in has been everything I could have asked for: informative, fun and interactive, knowledge that I can put to use to help heal myself and others. The course is most memorable due the teachers: Jennie Kitching and Teresa Collins are powerful women in their own rights, and that comes through in their teachings. They have so much knowledge that they are able to share, and they express themselves in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. I highly recommend taking a course with either of these ladies, but I definitely recommend taking a course with both of them!! You will not regret it!

Chelsea Lynn

A huge thank you to Teresa Collins and Jennie Kitching for this beautiful creation. I was only introduced to Jennie at the beginning of this course, and have quickly grown to admire the way she postures herself and shares her wisdom and intelligence. I met Teresa a couple of years back through a recommendation to her reiki services at Blended Spirit Wellness. She introduced me to the magic in the universe and used it to help unblock my potential. I love the perspective that Teresa brings to my life, and supported by the scientific research that Jennie offers this 8 week chakra course (which has only just begun) has been mind-blowing. I feel connected to deep knowledge and ancient wisdom. The time, the thought and the love that has been poured into the creation of this course is appreciated on every level.

Seriously thank you Teresa Collins and Jennie Kitching I have immense gratitude for what you both have brought to my life! And major thanks to Teresa for opening up this whole world to me!!!