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Online Weight Off Workshop

Weight Off Workshop (WOW) is an upcoming online workshop and support group that focuses on taking the weight off your mind, shoulders and body.

The pandemic was and is a traumatic time to many of us, having being exposed to a lot of stress during these past two years. Our Weight Off Workshop aims to ease the mental and physical strains you've been going through with the help of easy and therapeutic hypnosis techniques. Hypnotherapy is a useful tool that can aid you in achieving deep and restful sleep, help restore and maintain your motivation, manage weight control and allow you to let go of unwanted habits, behaviours and fears. From weight loss to stress management and negative self-talk, we'll work together to help put your body and mind first again.

Throughout the workshop, we'll be able to talk about your history and troubles and help you move towards your ideal future. Come meet like-minded individuals and reconnect with yourself, enjoying relaxing and fun group hypnosis exercises and get back in control of what matters most to you. You'll also have the opportunity to explore more personalised sessions with Jennie, arranged at a time to suit you.

We're looking forward to hearing from you - see you at our first Weight Off Workshop Zoom Meeting on the 31st of July!

Weight Off Workshop

31st July 2021 / 10am-4pm BST

Livestreamed from the UK via Zoom



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