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By Jennie Kitching, Hypnowoman, Senior Adv. Hypnotherapist & Trainer

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Can hypnotherapy help me lose weight?

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for weight loss and weight management. After all, we eat with our mind! Although eating is a very functional act because we need the energy it gives us to fuel our days, it is because a lot of food tastes great to us it can create a conflict of consciousness: we know we should not eat certain things, yet our desire for pleasure wins through every time.

It is marvellous that we passionately love to eat certain foods, though a hypnotist can tell you if you truly love that food because it is good for the body, or whether it is stopping you from being your best physical self. Plus, there is more to it than that, as hypnotherapy can reprogram the part of the mind that governs metabolism, and adjust the amount of food we want to eat, too. 

Why is it so difficult to change my eating habits?

Here's an example: if you are having a lot of sugar, suddenly not having any sugar at all throws those receptors into a frenzy and almost compels you to dive into the sugar bowl even though there is no real need for you to have the sugar. If you are a savoury person instead of a sweet one, then it is salt that is your problem. Crisps, fast food and processed meals overload the body with salt, raising blood pressure and preventing any weight loss.

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When is it time to get help?

If you have tried to diet by yourself, sooner or later you may revert back to unhealthy eating patterns, perhaps to extremes of overeating or deprivation.  Deprivation based dieting will be a thing of the past when your body is balanced with hypnosis. After the first session, any addictions will simply slip away. You will continue to do what you want to do - though what you do will be changing to create a leaner, fitter, stronger you. 

Quick Tips for You

1. Recognise what makes you crave unhealthy foods.

Before and after eating something, write down the time of day and what feelings you were experiencing.

2. Play this game with yourself:

Prepare your meal as usual, then wear a blindfold as you eat. Contemplate each mouthful, rediscovering the texture and taste of each bite.

3. Drink two pints of water when you have cravings.

When your desire is at its peak, drink a full two pints of water before any high salt or high sugar snack. Witness how it changes the experience, or if you still crave the snack at all.

4. Visualise what happens to the food inside you.

As you put anything at all into your mouth, imagine how it will be in your stomach - how it would dissolve, how much bulk has to pass through your 22 feet of intestine.

5. Become more aware of your 'transit time'.

That is, the time it takes for the food you eat to travel through your body before being excreted. Are your bowels regular, perhaps 'too' regular?

Take back control.

It only takes an hour to make tomorrow better. Choose relaxation over frustration.

Extra Advice

Wonder why you eat this ‘bad’ food or drink again and again, when you said ‘I shouldn’t?' Don’t accept the phrase, ‘one won’t hurt’, as the conscious mind will try to trip you up just so it can get its fix! Just get the information as to why it was useful for you to ‘give in’ this time round. 


Acknowledge that indeed maybe, at the time, it made you happy. Perhaps ask, are you fed up enough now? Are you fed up of the swings and roundabouts of yo-yo deprivation dieting? Do you wish you could actually enjoy healthier foods? It's entirely possible, and if you need it, I'm right here and ready to help.

I'm Jennie Kitching, otherwise known as Hypnowoman. I'm an Advanced Senior Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience. I'm based in the UK, but as long as you've got an internet connection, I can work with you wherever you are.

You deserve more than you know. If you're ready to be who you want to be, then
let's make things better, together


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Check out a review from one of Jennie's clients, who lost 32lbs with the help of hypnosis.
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