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FREE Taster! Hypnotherapy Training

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Welcome! This is a short FREE TASTER of our Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. It involves video and audio recordings of our real life, real time in-person classroom sessions. On our FULL COURSE, you will learn how to help both yourself and others through the process of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Through a blend of engaging talks, real-life demonstrations and guided practicals exercises, you'll learn all the skills necessary to perform hypnosis, utilise NLP, and gain a life-changing understanding of how your own mind works. On the full course, you can earn these 3 Qualifications: • GHSC Accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy • Certified Practitioner of NLP • Master Hypnotist What will I learn? You'll be taught Multiple Methods to relax, hypnotise and help your future clients - and yourself, too. You'll learn how to utilise NLP Techniques alongside direct and in-direct hypnosis, and practice many hypnotic inductions such as: • Body Journey • Eye Fixations • Staircase • Rapid Inductions • The Esdaile State • Elman, and more. ​ You'll learn how to read faces and body language, uncover the science and history behind mesmerism and magnetism, and discover how the power of suggestion affects our every day lives. ​ You'll learn in great detail how the unconscious mind operates, why it's usually so difficult to change it, and how you, as a hypnotherapist, will help make the process simple. You'll be taught Multiple Therapeutic Interventions to employ during trance to help your clients overcome a variety of issues. The techniques you'll be taught include Pure Suggestion, Control Panel, New Behaviour Generator, Gestalt, Parts Therapy, Glove Anaesthesia and more. ​ These techniques will enable you to help your future clients with many issues, including: ​• Anxiety • Unwanted Behaviours • Depression • Pain Control • Phobias

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