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Market Hall, Church Street
Cleobury Mortimer, DY14 8BX

Alternatively, you can request:

  • Online Zoom Calls

  • Home Visits, UK Midlands — ask for a quote!

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Let's get you booked in

To book your session, please fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you.

Once we've responded to your message and confirmed your booking, you can come back to this page and make your payment by
clicking below.

Please let us know when you're typically available so we can arrange a suitable time to see you.

Thanks for getting in touch! Jennie will get back to you soon.

Request Date & Time

Session Pricing

You only need to pay for your session after we've been in touch and confirmed your booking.


1x 30min Taster Session
Face-to-Face or Online

Initial Consultation & Relaxation Experience:
Come along for a casual chat, a cuppa, and experience some deep hypnotic relaxation.


1x 60min Session
Face-to-Face or Online


2x 60min Session
Face-to-Face or Online



Save £41
£99~ per Session

Recommended For:

Deep Relaxation
Stress Relief
Motivation & Uplifting
Past Life Regression

Recommended For:

✔ All Issues

Results are typically noticeable after the first session.

The second session is a follow-up to check in with how you're doing. It addresses any issues that might require further work, and ensures the desired results are maintained.

6x 60min Session Package
Face-to-Face or Online


Save £270
£75 per Session


Recommended For:

Long-term Issues

that would benefit from che
ck-ins and maintenance on a monthly basis.

This could include:

✔ Weight Management ✔ Chronic Pain ✔ Generalised Anxiety ✔ Complex Trauma ✔ Life Coaching ✔ IBS As always, the results of each session are immediate and cumulative.    Continued sessions ensure your results are maintained, and the treatment can be compassionately adapted to any new stresses and troubles that crop up in life.

Help comes first. If you are in financial hardship, please make it known on the form.
You may be entitled to a
discount, or we can arrange a payment plan with you.

I cannot recommend Jennie highly enough! She saw my nephew who has suffered anxiety for a long while. Psychological counselling and medical intervention did not help/work for him, yet a few sessions with Jennie and he's a new person! My sister was sceptical at first as nothing else had worked, yet she now often says, "I cannot believe it."

— Darrel Foster

Jennie is a thoroughly professional lady who cares about her clients above everything. She has a very soothing and warm approach that enables her clients to feel relaxed and that they are in good hands. I'm sure that her results speak for themselves.

— Robby Ritz



Do you meet any of the following criteria?

  • Over 65s

  • Under 25s without familial support

  • NHS Staff

  • University Students

  • Unemployed Persons

  • Universal Credit or Benefit Claimants

  • Those facing financial difficulty

If any of these apply to you, please make it known on the form and you could be entitled to a discount on your session.

About Session Types

Online Sessions can be held over Zoom, Skype or other equivalents at a time to suit you. A webcam is recommended to ensure the best possible experience.


Face-to-face Sessions are only available to those in the UK. We can also arrange house visits, though you may be asked to cover the cost of travel. Our services are based in the Midlands. Addresses, details and accessibility will be discussed once you have gotten in touch. 

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