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Client & Course Testimonials

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Thanks for lending us your voice. We want to change the many misconceptions around Hypnotherapy, and by leaving a testimonial, your words help us to connect with others who need help. 

If you would like to leave a testimonial, either get in touch with us directly or leave a message through the Contact page.

Rosemary Bruce
Jennie is an amazing trainer who I have studied with to gain a Clinical Diploma in NLP and Hypnotherapy. I found the training very engaging and witnessed many other students transformations as well as my own. I feel blessed to have found them and to have undertaken my training with them.

Ric Martin
Jennie has a kind, composed demeanour that works well with her multi-faceted talents. From her exceptional writing ability to her work with self-help and hypnosis, Jennie always displays a professional and highly competent persona. Jennie comes highly recommended.

Cheryl Marlowe
Jennie has been an absolute inspiration and has taken me on a journey of a lifetime. After 20 years in training myself, and recognising us trainers can be challenging to train, it has been a real pleasure working with and being trained by someone with such a deep and detailed knowledge of their subject. 

Angela Goffe

I highly recommend Jennie; she is an expert in her field and an amazing individual. Her authenticity makes it a pleasure to be in her presence as a student, client or friend or all three as is quite often the case. Jennie is a talented and creative trainer making her courses thoroughly enjoyable, highly inspiring and for some ‘life changing.’

Philip S.

Jennie was my hypnotherapy trainer. Her instructional style was very well considered and her knowledge of the subject was broad; I am proud to have been one of her students. As both an instructor and a therapist, she is very professional, very creative and exceptionally talented.

Anita Andrews
Professional. Knows her stuff and I recommend her highly.

Polly Millward
I studied Hypnotherapy and NLP and nicknamed her style as 'columbo'; what appears to be 'bumbling along' I soon learned was just fantastic mis-direction. Very intuitive and personable lady, has several talents and excellent business acumen. Happily recommend her on a personal and professional level.

Lynette Dillon
Jennie is highly skilled and produces results. Her knowledge and dedication assisted me to achieve my goals.

Xun Ariel Zou
Jennie is an excellent hypnotherapist and skilful NLP trainer who would bring NLP techniques into practice in the classroom. I felt her warmth and helpfulness when attending their NLP Course.

Rebecca Arnold

Jennie is an insightful, creative and highly skilful hypnotherapy trainer. Jennie's warmth and approachability combined with her artful use of the techniques she teaches means that the training she provides not only teaches her students how to be effective with therapists, she also provides every student with the knowledge and confidence to incorporate and utilise the training in their own lives. Training under Jennie's calm guidance not only equipped me with the skills I needed to set up successfully in practice, but it also transformed my life and that of all those that I know who have trained with her.

Andrew Bennett

I designed, delivered and installed the window graphics and signage for Jennie's new practice back in 2004 when she moved from her already successful practice in Bromsgrove. It was very interesting to learn of the work she was doing then and I have seen her business grow from strength to strength, now with her swish Training School and therapy Practice, which hardly surprises me as she is such a warm yet highly professional person. Looking forward to continuing to work with Jennie and wish her the best of luck.

Anna Finn

Jennie is a committed tutor of Hypnotherapy and NLP courses, and she provides a practical training not only in how to be a therapist but also how to start your own practice. She is a good listener and adjusts her training methods and pace to suit the students. She also encourages students to find their confidence and build their own unique strengths.

Jennie Bowden

I have been a student and colleague of Jennie during 2011 and 2012. I have found Jennie to be very skilled and talented in the field of Hypnosis and related Therapies, having witnessed her work first hand. Her knowledge is exceptional, and I and no doubt, many others are grateful for her willingness to continue to support and help her many students and fellow colleagues with this often difficult profession.

Peter Kingsley

I worked with Jennie on a professional level for many years before moving to the USA. Jennie is a professional, passionate and caring person with results that reflect her ability to help people on all levels. Jennie is an excellent therapist and teacher and I would recommend her to any of my existing clients in the UK.

Sakib Ahmed

I trained to become an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist under Jennie and their previous colleague. Unfortunately I was not able to spend as much time with Jennie as I would have liked to, but when she was there she made her presence very positively known. She is an absolute delight on all levels, and a fabulous tutor.

Christine Levy

I trained to be a hypnotherapist with Jennie. She is a very effective teacher and trainer and will see the qualities that you have and motivate you to passing the course. Jennie will teach you to a level that you understand. I realised that there are so many methods that Jennie uses in her teaching to support all students needs. Jennie took me under her wing and trained me to teach hypnotherapy to an effective standard.

Jonathan Livingstone

I have worked with Jennie and experienced her work. She is a dedicated and highly skilled hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer, and an impressive businesswoman with very strong communication skills. She has a sharp intellect, and at the same time a very warm and gentle manner. I highly recommend her as a therapist and trainer.

Keith Millward

Jennie was one of my teachers when I studied for my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Jennie has a detailed knowledge of her subject and is clearly enthusiastic about what she does. This enthusiasm is inspiring, and promotes an extremely enjoyable learning experience. To watch Jennie at work is an absolute delight, particularly when you see the results of her work take effect immediately. Highly Recommended!

Mark Hayward

Jennie has a superb way of helping others to think outside of the box & of sharing her intellect & skills at both the conscious & subconscious levels. She is an expert in her field & a pleasure to work with.

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