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Law of Attraction - The 12 Trials Instructional Guide

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Unlock the power of 'The Secret' and Law of Attraction with our transformative instructional program of video discussion and clear steps to manifestation. Developed from over thirty years of experience, this course offers 12 life-changing trials to help you overcome what is holding you back from your life's purpose and manifest your true desires. Dive into fun and impactful techniques that have been praised for their effectiveness in each five star Amazon review. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation to create the life you've always dreamed of. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION. ‘At last a REAL book about the Law of Attraction … this one is really practical’ AMAZON REVIEW This Online learning guide is based on the book 'The 12 Trials of the Law of Attraction'. Take a look at the book here. Following on from ‘The Secret’ and other Law of Attraction works, we are proud to present your own personal Instructional Guide incorporating the most powerful and beneficial Law of Attraction techniques and embracing other Universal Laws. In this Instructional Guide you will find LIFE CHANGING TECHNIQUES and ways to FIND YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE AND TRUE DESIRES. What’s more, it’s fun too. AMAZON REVIEW. ‘I am realising where I've been going wrong and not getting what The Secret promised. I am only three days into it but already I'm having some big realisations. Great book.’ AMAZON REVIEW. 'Whether you like it or not you are on the 12 trials everyday of your life. Most don’t realise this and end up repeating the same old cycles year in year out'.

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Law of Attraction - The 12 Trials

Law of Attraction - The 12 Trials

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