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Learn Hypnotherapy

The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP

For Beginners

We'll teach you from the ground-up how to help and hypnotise others. No prior experience needed.

For Enthusiasts

Improve your communication skills, learn to read body language, and get ready to rediscover the human mind.

For Therapists

We'll take you further. Build upon your current skills with plenty of practicals and dedicated 1-to-1 training.


You'll be taught Multiple Methods to relax, hypnotise and help your future clients - and yourself, too.

You'll learn how to utilise NLP Techniques alongside direct and in-direct hypnosis, and practice many hypnotic inductions such as:


•  Body Journey          •   Eye Fixations

•  Staircase                   •   Rapid Inductions

•  The Esdaile State      •  Coin Drop, and more.

You'll learn how to read faces and body language, uncover the science and history behind mesmerism and magnetism, and discover how the power of suggestion affects our every day lives.

You'll learn in great detail how the unconscious mind operates, why it's usually so difficult to change it, and how you, as a hypnotherapist, will help make the process simple.

You'll be taught Multiple Therapeutic Interventions to employ during trance, which oftentimes can help your client overcome their troubles in their very first session.

The techniques you'll be taught include Pure Suggestion, Control Panel, New Behaviour Generator, Gestalt, Parts Therapy, Glove Anaesthesia and more.

These techniques will enable you to help your future clients with many issues, including:

•  Anxiety                    •  Unwanted Behaviours

•  Depression            •  Pain Control

•  Phobias                   •  Weight Control

•  Trauma                    •  Insomnia

•  Addictions             •  Self-Esteem, and more.


Stuff to Look Forward to...

Deception Analysis

Connect without words. Learn to read body language, split-second micro-expressions and vital eye accessing cues.

Meta Questioning

Quickly get to the root of your client's dilemmas by knowing the right questions to ask - and which ones not to.

A Healthier Mindset

Discover how our minds are affected by everyday phrases and suggestion - and how we can talk to ourselves and others better.

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Peek Inside the Diploma Book

See the complete list of this course's content - and a brief history of hypnosis - for free.


Get the full book for free with Kindle Unlimited - contains the ten steps to hypnosis, plenty of practice scripts, method walkthrough guides, and more.

Diploma Book

Course Outline & Content

Course Outline


Small, Personable Groups with Dedicated       1-to-1 Training

3 Qualifications for the Price of 1 Course

6 Months Free Peer Support Included

Free Taster Day Available

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